New Orleans, LA

I take out my Chinese dictionary and begin to re-learn the words and experiences of a life put on hold due to the destruction of this beloved place. The swing takes me far far away from New Orleans and back to memories shrouded in mist and dreams waiting to be re-discovered. Hours pass and I leave this swing, promising to return to this spot, how happy it has made me. Thank you.


Morattandi, India

In 2008, the Red Swing Project began its Indian expansion. We hung this swing next to a cricket field in the small village of Morattandi- approximately 15 km north of Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu. The local kids quickly put it to use.

Colorado River, Texas

We left Austin by canoe in June 2011, destined to find a spot for a red swing on the Colorado River. Four days later (somewhere between Bastrop and La Grange) we hung this red swing from a Cypress tree- only accessible by boat.

-Red Swing Project

Chicago, Illinois

I found swing #035 below the L in Bucktown, Chicago, IL. The swing/this project has made my day! I spent a good 20 minutes swinging. I laughed out loud each time the train passed over me. A toddler looked at me with envy from her stroller. A worker offered to give me a big push. My happiness seemed to rub off on people passing by. I found a piece of leftover swing rope and took it home as a souvenir. Thank you to the person/people who created this project and who put up this particular swing. It is the perfect location.

Willow Naeco

Clovis, New Mexico

Red Bud Isle, Austin, Texas


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